Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ADX goes P3D!

P3D. It's a long and tough road for an old FS9 guy like me! P3D has been giving me a very difficult time and the support from P3D has been just above nill. But I have a very bad habit of not giving up. I will express all the issues I have encountered with P3D at a later date. I will also start a line of some very extensive reviews of P3D and it's products. It's time we all got to know it better and determine if it's the future. In the mean time, I have finally completed 4 successful flights in the PNW and I just wanted to shot off a few quick pictures. Right now I am happy! With 25FPS out of KORS, up to 68FPS en-route and 30FPS on arrival to KCMW I am happy to officially announce, ADX has gone P3D!

BTW, I just love this damn airplane! Great job Alabeo!

 The average FPS was between 40-70 fps! yay! Look at the clarity!

More updates in the near future. You can count on us!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to P3D - not everything from FSX works in P3D, but enjoy the journey. There is a great migration tool for inserting FSX products into P3D available at Simmarket (It's nicknamed the Estonian tool) definitely work the small outlay.
BTW - I use both!
BTW2 - I still miss a lot of FS9 products, the AFG Caravelle I would love to see in FSX/P3D.

Anonymous said...

P3D V2 is going to be awesome!

Musjo said...

I have thought about P3D, but I'm very confused regarding their different products and license types etc...

What of their products should you buy?
What would the FPS be, in FSX in a similar flight?

Anonymous said...

BTW2 = to my toughts :D

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Maybe a nice AirDailyX project for the future?

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