Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Preview - A2A/Razbam A-26 "Spirit of Waco"

FSX. Razbam Sims has released some preview shots of its upcoming A-26 Invader "Spirit of Waco" project. The aircraft is being developed for A2A Simulations and will be released as such. What do you think of the quality thus far? More preview shots inside...

I'm still unsure as to P3D native compatibility so I will not comment until there is further clarification. Check out the pics.

Check out Razbam Sims Facebook page for all the pics - click here


Todd said...

Hmmmm, not too impressed. The freeware version looks more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Mark - I'm not sure about the quality, but I like the choice of aircraft. Lets see how it develops?

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