Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aerosoft's Vilnius : our test

FS9 and FSX. The german designer did not entrust this project to anybody. Vilnius Intl X is Andras Kozma's signature...

Vilnius Intl. X EYVI test

Installation : Simple. Aerosoft launcher must be updated. Scenery is added in the library (FSX).
File : 421 mb !
Framerate : very friendly.
The developer : Andras Kozma has previously developed Andras Field, Manhattan, Venice, Budapest and even worked on Flight Sim Labs Concorde X for 3D models and virtual cockpit.

The bad :

* Low quality of the photoreal grounds, especially in the city (that may be a limitation due to unavailable cartography ?).
* Vilnius airport is a very isolated place. A good thing would have been to include a second regional airport, Khkabrovo or Palanga for instance.

The good :

Vilnius Intl. X includes the city of Vilnius and main buildings.
The high quality of the airport.
At last, a lithuanian airport !

Vilnius Tarptautinis VNO / EYVI

A large industrial area, west side of the airport.

Complexe architecture + high definition textures + reflective windows.

Quality of the taxiways ground textures.

Curious "blue" textures at dusk, in winter.

Photoreal textures and reflective light effect on windows.

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