Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The arrangement

Conclusion of Latin VFR - Intersim affair.

Ricardo Morillo has offered to Junior Puente a final arrangement (and probably a check) to settle their dispute. A new patch has been sent to Fly Tampa so that George and Martin can check everything is right. Inside their respective forums, threads have been removed*.

Despite this sad affair, i can appreciate that both parts have been pragmatic. That was not the case all along. At the beginning, the dispute was just about 250 dollars. If you count all the time taken in emails by both parts, the 250 dollars were lost anyway...

* Not on Airdailyx.
Airdailyx is a flight sim news site. Business men have the ability to make arrangements of any kind.
News men not. My posts will remain on my blog for our memories.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fair :)


Anonymous said...

LatinVFR still stole knowingly from Flytampa. TWICE! That can't ever be resolved with a patch. Its morally wrong & unforgivable imho.

Anonymous said...

morally wrong & unforgivable that's right. but no one is perfect.. if they get their act straight and fix this issue and NEVER have this problem again, I can't see why not move one and work like in real life.

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