Monday, December 13, 2010

Montego bay under a microscope

Don't be misguided by the title. Latin Vfr's Montego Bay scenery is a pretty large area in a 20 x 10 km square, from the Montego bay itself to the Rose hall resort along the coastline 15 km east of the airport. This time, the designer added a lot of resorts hotels along the hills, giving a pleasant place to land (in a larger airport than Norman Manley).
Considering the work done, the price is decent. Considering quality, i would say that next time, Latin VFR might try to raise its standards. Just to point out my idea, i put a picture to be compared with the real one. I would say that some time, textures color choices seem unfortunate but one possibility is that developers did not get all photo materials, except for this one. Anyway a lot of us were waiting for this MKJS airport. It is winter, enough of icelands (hmm..) and let's go look for the sun.
Overall quality 7,5 FPS 7,5 Interest 9 Package 9,5

Color of these bricks don't match with real ones.

Left : very nice details of grounds
Right : a lof of resorts added everywhere.

! These pictures are not the best (see Latin VFR forum) but these ones are there to point out relevant details.

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