Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Aerosoft is changing its model ?

Last year, the german designer Aerosoft had a portfolio of about 20 FS9/FSX projects mainly focused on sceneries. Twelve months later, there are more aircrafts projects (seven) than sceneries (six or less). Here is the fact : Aerosoft is changing its model.
The first reason is that the designer might need to secure its activity in the new Microsoft "FLIGHT" environment. According to persistant rumors, FLIGHT will not be sold as a stand-alone but as a licence granted to access the network service providing the environment and maybe sceneries, aircrafts etc. As other competitors, Aerosoft must be recognized as a top-level company with blockbusters products. This is why the company has invested in some heavy projects like Airbus X. There is another reason to develop aircrafts. Margins perspectives are certainly better on these products than on sceneries, more subject to piracy. A good aircraft is sold 40 to 60 dollars and at that price, this worth developing an anti-thief protection. Last but not least, Aerosoft is eager to design its own flight simulator. In order to do so, he needs to master aircrafts design.

This article is a B2B essay. Its only purpose is to give some clues to understand the flight sim market.

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