Monday, December 13, 2010

Get a building and a runway for 18 bucks

What is the commun point between Leida, Cayo Coco and Weeze airports, recently launched by Tropical Sim, Taxi2gate and Aerosoft ? These sceneries just contain a main building, one runway and a bunch of trees and cars to coat the package. The price ? 18 bucks (15 euros) and a maximum of profitability as these products are often developed on the run. Of course, in most cases, you will not get any charts.
Junior Puente from Intersims studios openly talked about its scenery Cayo Coco because he was wondering if its product had to be droped as a freeware. Considering small companies need to growth, it is okay, i rather like to pay for the work, let's say at least 10 or 12 euros. But misters ! At 18 bucks, this is a very lucrative business. Just to compare these products value with Dallas KDFW (FS Dreamteam) sold at around 30 bucks...

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