Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Status Update From Manila!

FSX. Pacific Islands Simulations has provided an update on their mega Airport Manila and City! So far, T1, T2, and T3 are completed including many off airport buildings and hotels. As for the city of Metro Manila, it will come complete with 5/30cm pixel satellite photoreal terrain coverage which has also been completed. The developer is also developing some new eye candy such as volumetric grass and much more. I told you all to keep your eyes on Taxi2Gate. I told you all to keep your eyes on LHSimulations, I told you all your keep your eyes on ImagineSim, and I am telling you to keep your eyes on PacSim. This developer is on his way to the top! Here is the full development progress report!

Note from PacSim:

Folks, here's where we are so far in terms of progress work:

1. T1 - completed, but just need to properly set and assign jetways and gate numbers to building
2. T2 - completed, but lights need to be added to the light poles.
3. Tower - tower building completed, but still waiting on pictures of buildings at the bottom of the tower/carpark area.
4. T3 - completed, including buildings behind T3 such as Exims hotel, Marriot hotel, Remington hotel, Hotel Resort world, Shrine of St Theresa (Catholic church building), Villamore/Newport Beacon tower, etc
5. Villamore Air Force base barracks, Hospital, Air Force Museum, 205 Sqd hangars - completed
6. Lufthansa Technic hangars (both old and new) - completed
7. T4 (Domestic terminal) including Cebu Air hangar, Eurocopter Philippines hangar, Meralco Hangar (Inaec Aviation Corp), LBC ("Hari NG Padala") hangar - completed.
8. Metro Manila areas - still adding high-rise buildings
9. Bonafacio/Global City high-rise buildings - completed
10. Skyway and Villamore inter-change - completed, but just need to add animated road traffic
11. 15/30cm pixel (sharp) satellite photoreal coverage of entire Metro Manila - completed
12. New type volumetric grass around the airport - completed

Still to come...

1. Custom ground polygons and textures for runways, tarmac/apron and taxiways typical to RPLL
2. General aviation hangars - still waiting on more pictures of hangars.
3. Runway and taxiway signs
4. Autogen placements (buildings and vegetation) in the entire Metro Manila areas
5. Develop Sangley Naval Station and custom runway, etc
6. Road traffic throughout Metro Manila
7. Night textures for all buildings
8. Custom vegetation

Below is a shot of the new plush grass work. Don't mind the buildings in the background or the runway and taxiways as we are still working on them.

Click on picture to get larger version.
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So happy right now! :D

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Can't wait. One of favourite places to fly is the Philippines.

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great, i will go to manila next week!
thanks man

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