Sunday, January 12, 2014

ScenProc. For Developers!

[FS Utilities] Of all the great things to come out of FSDeveloper, one of the most interesting things recently is ScenProc. I don't have a thorough understanding of exactly how it works, but the end results are outstanding.  It's appears to be a tool for implementing autogen in FS and on photoscenery.  If you are a scenery developer, you might really want to look into this.

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Sid said...

Boy is there a lot of news today...Looks like the past couple of days have been the calm before the storm allright :-)

DAndre Newman said...

Yeah. The past couple weeks have been really tiresome so as a temporary measure, I have been letting the news pile up then waiting till I have time. Might be like this till things calm down at work.

Jim Wilkerson said...

I really enjoy and look forward to the news that you folks bring to us out here is FSX world. From day to day, you bring to us items of interest that keep us informed and excited about upcoming projects.

It is refreshing and excellent material. This is a great place to get the latest and greatest news from.

Keep up the good work.

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks for the kind words Jim! Will do!

Unknown said...

I second Sid. I was skeptical about this site at first but now I sit on the page and refresh lol every few hours. Ive spent thousands on the FSworld. So I look forward to new products, besides DAndre anyword of the Aerosoft CRJ progress?

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