Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Saitek X-55 Rhino Now On Pre-order!

[FS Hardware] In real life, a rhino would kick a warthog's ass and stump all over it. But in the FS HOTAS flight system wars, it's exactly the opposite. In the years since Saitek's X-65F's release, I had imagined the next release would have been something totally different. But looking at Saitek's products over the years, I am reminded that each release is always similar to the previous with more bell-and-whistle upgrades. The X-55 here appears to be just that: an upgraded X-65F with more options and a fully movable axis flight stick. At least here, unlike the Warthog, the tag won't kill you at a whopping price of $200. The X-55 Rhino is now available for pre-order. If you get one, tell us about it!

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Unknown said...

Your warthog comments are spot on. Save your money and grab a TM Warthog. Why buy plastic when you can get quality metal housing? Yes it is double the price but also double the quality - take your pick.

DAndre Newman said...

I kid you not Tony, I Love my Thrustmaster Warthog. I plan to compliment it later this year with Redbird rudder pedals to replace the plastic Saitek Proflight that lost the tension. Its difficult to touch plastic ever since I got the Warthog. I even boxed the Saitek yoke. :( Still need a more professional feel in that department for a reasonable price...

Miguel said...

220$ now.

Aggressorblue said...

The Warthog does indeed look like nice kit, but I'm a bit put off by it's largely plastic internals (namely the joystick mechanism). plus, It's for-bearer, the Cougar, proved that you don't necessarily get what you pay for, given the high failure rate people were experiencing.

I've also read that the warthog suffers from some pretty stiff sticktion, which gives me pause before forking over $400 for one.

I'm not saying the WH is a bad product, by any means, but just that it seems like TH missed a few marks for a product this expensive. It's personally on my watch list for when a sub $300 used set hits the market.

(I'm currently using CH gear BTW, and pretty happy with it.)

That all being said, I did take a chance and pre-order the Rhino:

1: I think you're being a bit harsh DAndre, as this product packs a pretty prominent upgrade in the swappable spring system. Outside of Force Feedback (far more difficult to bring a GOOD version to market than people realize) or Force sensing (not really good for anything by modern jets, IMHO), I'm not sure what you were expecting. Plus, Thrustmaster should be ashamed a competitor can feature adjustable feedback, but their own $400 flagship product doesn't. In fact, I can't think of any other competining product with adjustable spring feedback. Plus, it's pretty ingenious, given it's a feature that doesn't break the bank to implement, but drastically increases the stick's versatility.

2. The throttles base is, IMHO, the most functional "bell and whistle" ever seen on a HOTAS. Unlike the 1-way static switches on the 'Hog, which can be difficult to program into different titles, the 2 way toggles actually look usable, as do the rotaries. In FSX/P3D, I can imagine assigning 1 rot to the heading bug, and another to the Vert Speed bug for the Autopilot. Looking at the 'hogs base, I don't see any controls that could function like that.

Just my thoughts of course. It's possible I'll hate it out of the box, or it'll just be an unreliable mess. Only one way to find out :-)

Unknown said...

While I respect your opinions - unless you own a TM Warthog - you would not be able to comment on its quality or functionality. Like we said, save your pennies a bit longer and get the TM- its just worth it.

Aggressorblue said...

I could see my way to a Warthog, but could you comment on the sticktion issue? It's by biggest hangup so far.

DAndre Newman said...


What are you referring to? Had my Warthog for 3 years no issues....

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