Monday, January 27, 2014

Orbx FTX Northern CA Close To Final Beta!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Orbx's NCA development team have been hard at work adding some final corrections to the long awaited FTX Northern California scenery package. According to Holger Sandmann, they are about to go into final Beta.

Originally scheduled for a 2013 release, the dev team apparently had an unexpected opportunity to add a lot more custom content than originally planned, and these extras are responsible for the delay. The screenshots that Holger has posted look absolutely fantastic!

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Unknown said...

very pretty scenery

Marek said...

Hmmm... how many dozens of terabytes we need to cover our beautiful Blue Planet? :]
I still live in hope, that some day I will buy a next-gen 64-bit, no-OOM-message, Flight Simulator (vide old 32-bit FSX and it expensive copy called Prepar3d), not on small blu ray but on huge HDD of course (vide close-to-UK-capital-city 'up to' 5 megabits internet speed), in a local computer store (vide Global Ultimate continents on xx DVD's...). Dream :(

DAndre Newman said...

That's my home!!!!!

Pierre Fevrier said...

Yosemite is looking good! Fun canyon-flying in perspective. Maybe I can make this the US version of the Mach Loop ahahah

CGaft said...

Anybody knows what's up with FTX Norway?

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