Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Orbx FTX AU SP4 For Prepar3D v2 Released!

P3Dv2. The long wait is over, Orbx have released FTX Australia SP4 with triple installers, making the entire Australian region fully Prepar3D v2 compatible. FTX AU SP4 has also been updated with Orbx's most recent 4.003 patch. Best of all, if you currently own any of the individual Blue, Gold, Green & Red AU regions, then you qualify for this free upgrade too!

If you purchased the full AU region download version through The FlightSim Store, then there will be a free download available for you through your account. If you purchased one of the single AU regions, then stay tuned, as the download mechanism for this is currently being implemented.

If, like me, you own a DVD of FTX Australia, but purchased the DVD through another vendor, then you will have to be patient for a little longer, as an upgrade path for DVD owners is currently being worked on, but isn't available just yet.

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Zohaib said...

I've heard from a lot of people that they have not been able to properly configure their controllers for P3D v2, is it true?
Lot of complaints about the controls going nuts after restarting flight sim, although they are shown correctly assigned in the UI??

DAndre Newman said...

I use FSUIPC no issues there...

Unknown said...

Zohaib... whatever issues you heard of or experienced.. they're working on fixing it. Better check LM's forum..

Superdelphinus said...

"Fully compatible" is probably a bit if a stretch for anything added into p3d2 at the moment. I don't think the orbxlibs are fully compatible yet in this case. Fair play to orbx for spearheading the crossover though.

Unknown said...

i went back to fsx until all the bugs are worked out of p3d v2, and in my opinion over at the forums they are rude as far as i am concerned, especially about trying to get reactivations from having to install more than a couple times trying to fix problems

Nick said...

Very curious to hear how well P3D2 performs with a full fat Orbx region.

Unknown said...

i till prefer the fsx menu over the new p3d2 menu, and p3d2 still has to be tweaked to get rid of jaggies, the problem is the addon manager, fsx and p3d are both smooth sailing until the addon manager comes into the picture.

Unknown said...

It must be my set up then because I have prepar3d v2 running better than fsx ever ran on my rig without doing any extreme tweaking, maybe prepar3d just likes my computer better than fsx ever did.

Zohaib said...

Don't they have a month subscription for people who only want to test it out?
Get a hang of how things run before actually buying it or is it only a different version for the developers?
I am seriously confused about which license for P3Dv2 to buy.

Superdelphinus said...

It's quite simple - if you in undergraduate education then buy academic, if you are not then buy professional. If you want the one with guns in by the pro plus for all the money.

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