Sunday, January 12, 2014

NLS Keeps The Updates Coming!

FSX/P3D. Oh how happy everyone is that Next Level Simulations has resumed work on the Airbus A380 project. I am excited too! Fingers crossed and knocking on wood that the guys will keep working on the project and see it to completion. There is some very high talent going into this project no doubt. The latest update is a video showing the PFD and ND animation in action. Very smooth indeed! Great work so far guys!

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Sid said...

Wowser! So smooth!
Really excited about this one too! Very much looking forward to buying it on completion...Nice Emirates flight over FTX Global/Vector's Africa from Fly Tampa Dubai to ASDG's upcoming Jo'burg seems to be in order, or perhaps a classic long-haul route from upcoming London Heathrow (which one?! to Singapore Changi by Singapore Airlines A380 :-)
Keep it up NLS...please see it through to're doing a fabulous smooooooooth job so'll be just fine, after all, we'll finally have an A380:-)

Thanks for the update and vid buddy!
All the best,

Uzi said...


I can describe you that experiance: CTD when you are 20nm from the destination :P

Sid said...

Uzi...I understand where you're coming from and perhaps for some people'll be long as its not a lot more taxing than the current PMDG products.

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