Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JustFlight Canberra Update!

FSX/P3D. The JustFlight Canberra is a beautiful aircraft and the development team has been doing an amazing job capturing the essence of this aircraft in FS. The good news? Customer deliveries are expected to commence next month which is great for me because i have been waiting almost a year for this baby! Here are the latest shots and stay tuned for more information from the team.
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Unknown said...


Martyn - Just Flight said...

Hi Weston,

We did look at the TacPack but to be honest there would have been very little to integrate on the PR9. As a fairly vintage photo-reconnaissance aircraft, only the countermeasure system would have been relevant and even then, probably not strictly realistic.

We will of course reconsider if there is sufficient demand following release. One of our next projects is likely to include significant TacPack integration though...

Martyn (Just Flight)

Pirx said...

It seems to be an airplane to fly with calm and that responds slowly, with these big wings and those engines that surely don't give too much power.

It will be perfect to fly over Australia in a vintage way, for exemple.

Martyn - Just Flight said...

Hi Pirx,

Its certainly a lovely aircraft to hand fly. The aircraft has a surprising amount of power. The original Canberra (bomber variant) had Rolls-Royce Avons with only 7000lb thrust per engine. The PR9 carries a smaller payload and was also upgraded with Avons with 11000lb thrust per engine, so it performs well!

Martyn (Just Flight)

Tom Riddle said...

Looks like Just Flight are improving their texturing skills. Nice!

Martyn - Just Flight said...

Hi Tom,

This is the first aircraft that our new in-house development team have produced.

Martyn (Just Flight)

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