Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Introducing Scenery OnDemand!

FSX. From what I understand, Scenery OnDemand or (SODHK), a group of local aviation enthusiasts based in Hong Kong, China. Their first scenery release covers an area that is obvious. They have created their Dragoneye Scenery Project in full high res photo terrain which contains the full landscape of Hong Kong region with 263 islands over 50 lakes and reservoirs and much more. It's also fully compatible with the FlyTampa Kai Tak scenery and ImagineSim CheK Lap Kok. I will be getting my hands on this soon to see what it's all about. For now, check it out for yourself!

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Snyboon said...

Blimey, 6 GB Disk Space needed ...

Unknown said...

nice find, first time I hear of it!

Unknown said...

I live in Hong Kong so this is interesting. I'm curious though - this integrates with FlyTampa's Hong Kong? i.e. all the buildings remain? Also, how does it work with autogen? It looks just like photo real scenery so I'm guessing the trees etc will no longer be there? Looks good though

Iain said...

Great news, I thought it was strange when Flytampa only covered half of Hong Kong with their Kai Tak scenery, and it cuts off rather jarringly back into default scenery. they shouldv'e extended the scenery to the HK/Shenzhen boundary, or at least add some landclass to it.

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