Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A380 Wingflex!

FSX/P3D. We know how much you folks love wingflex! NLS has just uploaded a preview of the wingflex and ailerons animation under turbulent conditions. The model is not done of course so there might be some stuff missing or inaccurate. Each of the 3 ailerons (per side) is simulated independently.

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Kenzo said...

One moment they tell you they quit development, and the next moment you'll get flooded with previews haha. I love it, can't wait for the A380 to be finished!

Unknown said...

As a Boeing freak, this is probably the only Airbus I'll be purchasing.

Snyboon said...

Like Kenzo said. What a great surprice from NLS. I truly hope they are able to finish this bird. Warms my cockels :)

Pe11e said...

Oh that buzz sound! Even the sound package is promising!

Anonymous said...

I also find that very very weird that they quit and suddenly they are back on the project with tons of "pictures"....

Anonymous said...

You can never do it right ;)

post nothing -> they don't develop anything, project still alive? hoax?

post pictures -> suspicious! :D

Well, we have decided to carry on the project so whats wrong with informing the people out there what we are doing?

Unknown said...

Agree with Kaman :D Maybe they working behind our back

Kenzo said...

Anonymous nothing's wrong. Like I said, I love it! You can't show me enough previews.

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