Sunday, January 12, 2014

FSPause Released!

[FS Utilities] FSPause is a new utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane that allows users to remotely control their simulators from anywhere in the world. FSPause runs in the background of your computer and reports your flight information to the FSPause servers allowing users to remotely monitor and control their simulaton from anywhere. Check it out!

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Unknown said...

be useless for me, i pretty much stay at my pc from start to finish unless i have to use the bathroom.whats the point of all the great expensive addons if your not gonna watch it lol. just my thoughts.

Sid said...

What a perfect butility! Extremely useful from my perspective. It says there's also a map...Would be great if they could integrate a 'Moving Map' with 'in-flight information facility' into the utility to display just as it does in airline IFE cabin screens too...Perhaps with options form changing the logo on the map for different airlines by the end user...And able to be displayed by web on all devices from PCs to tablets, ipods, iphones etc. I'd pay extra for that.

In summary...great idea...looks like a nice, adaptable and flexible all-in-one multifunctional easy-to-use utility :-) Looking forward to seeing the end-product. Will you keep us posted closer to the time DAndre? On second thoughts...silly question...of course you will...This is ADX :-) Haha

CordoganAir said...

This is useless and a waste of money. Just use LogMeIn free and you can do everything from another PC or tablet/mobile device

Luck said...

Guys, does it work with FS2004? Thanks

Unknown said...

Just to answer a few questions here:

@Luck It does work with FS9.

@Sid There is a moving map integrated and there is a mobile website (plus an alternative mobile website for certain devices) that works on tablets, phones, etc. The end-product has already been released on There's quite a bit more information there on features/functionality.

@CordoganAir FSPause isn't a utility to just see and control your computer like you're sitting there; it wraps a simple interface around that for users to perform important actions and the client itself monitors certain aspects of the simulator, detects problems, and notifies the user should something irregular happen.

Dave said...

To see all on-line planes would be a good feature.

Superdelphinus said...


Dave said...

To see what other flight plans other FSPause pilots are doing with there details of altitude, heading, speed etc etc etc? So why not?

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