Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FranceVFR Autogen Global X Released!

FSX. Even though the CEO of FranceVFR doesn't seem to like me very much, it wont stop me from promoting his products. I hold no grudges. Now if you are anything like me and you use P3D, you have already discovered that every time you install a new scenery, autogen in other places tend to disappear. FranceVFR's Autogen Global X is a program that allows you to initialize your autogen definitions without having to reinstall your scenes. In addition it provides a single set of definitions compatible with the products of many publishers who can then be used together.  it's free so check it out!
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xavierp said...

still not compatible with EarthSimulations.
Pffffff.....what a pitty

Tobi said...

Do you know thas this works with FTX Global?
In some FranceFVR Scenery the autogen disappear after the installation of FTX Global, so maybee its possible to repair with this tool? Some expirience?
Greetings and many thanks for your blog

deetee said...

Earth Simulations have their own tool for merging autogen files (MergEs), available from their installer.

Danny said...

Hmmm .seems pretty limited in its coverge of partners. Wonder if this came out because of his pushback in working with FTX last year for Global.

Such a small industry, it seems a real shame everyone can't just get along - but I guess that's life.

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