Tuesday, January 7, 2014

France VFR Bretagne Nord VFR v2 FSX Released!

FSX. France VFR have released Bretagne Nord VFR v2, the latest installment of their VFR Regional packages featuring their 3DAutomation® technology. The VFR Regional series has been designed and developed to provide VFR flight an environment as realistic as possible. Bandwidth Warning!

France VFR Bretagne Nord VFR v2 features:

- Ground textures from 0.85 to 1 meter / pixel resolution.
- Summer only textures.
- Dedicated mesh with high definition 4.75 meters (LOD13).
- Lakes and rivers with navigable waters fitting the texture.
- Water transparency management for the entire scenery area.
- Semi-detailed airports including flatten platform correction.
- Obstacles and VFR landmarks modeled with official SIA database.
- Hundreds of thousands of objects and notable buildings.
- Integration of 3D Automation® technology.
- Extremely dense and optimized vegetation coverage.
- Autogen buildings + additional specific and optimized 3D variations.
- Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility.

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Albus Cai said...


Does this work with FTX Global?


Jérôme said...

Best looking scenery, ever ! The result is simply amazing, you don't wanna miss it :)

Andrew said...

I somehow don't see a single season phototexture set working too well with FTX Global... the other issue is the autogendescription file. If FVFR don't provide their entries to FTX, then you will have problems with autogen when FTX is active...


Matt said...

This issue with FTX should be fixed in the future, I hope so, they just released a tool to make many editor's sceneries compatible with each other ! They said it was more complicated with FTX products because of many autogen definitions...

Unknown said...

The FTX incompatibility is a big issue with me. Previously every France VFR region was an automatic buy for me, but now I understand from reading France VFR's forum that they have taken a policy that they will NOT be compatible with ORBX products, including FTX Global. It seems that they are pushing for an independent International body to determine standards for compatibility, rather than go along with ORBX's offer to make other developers products compatible with FTX products.. I do hope they work this out, but for the time being giving up FTX Global to fly in just four, undoubtedly beautiful, French regions is just not workable for me.

Lasstmichdurch said...

Imo slightly above Orbx-optic...but with better compability...
Also i dont like the idea that orbx will become the fsx-dominator, so going the orbx-way will split the simworld like Android and apple-ios...

DAndre Newman said...

And I dont like how VFR France only sticks to France and French territories. They should think to at the very least try to cover all of Europe.

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