Monday, January 27, 2014

ES Doing Big things!

FSX/P3D. Earth Simulations is in progress on a new 30 cm color enhanced Professional Photographic Scenery for the entire United Kingdom. This one will be huge with high-res photo terrain and autogen to boot! I must say, this could give Orbx a run for the money. It's going to be very interesting comparing the two! Check out these shots! Thanks to Kevin Firth for the tip!
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Unknown said...

I'll definitely will be getting this :)

Unknown said...

The one thing I look for in any scenery rendition is capturing the 'essence" of the land around them. ES has done exactly that, and not many accomplish this in my opinion.

It's like an eclipse. Rare, but when it shows, always very spectacular.

Unknown said...

wow, that's actually looking quite amazing.. I wonder how orbx will respond to that.

altstiff said...

Until they fix the way they install stuff I will never buy anything from them again. The install process with the front end loader they use is a complete fiasco.

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