Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Digital Aviation CRJ Update.

FSX/P3D. Well, it's not an update exactly. Mathijs has posted a few shots showing the CRJ earlier this week displaying the closeup details. Wow has this project been a long time coming. Literally years in the making. The FS community has been needing a proper CRJ for many years and the variant delivered by Wilco just didn't cut it. Release of the Aerosoft DA CRJ is expected sometime during Q1 of this year. Once it's out, any chance we will see a VC update for the Fokker? Guess time will tell.

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Whisper said...

About Fokker VC im more then sure we would never see it.. except somethig happens.. As the developer that curently is working on the CRJ has been the main person to finish the project coding of systems.. Aerosof have in the main while updatet the external.. but the guy you noted as developer has a full time job beside and is why progress has been so slow and long.. but i am hapy he want to finish what they started.. but as I read the CRJ is the last project you would see from this developer or should i say DA..

So a update of Fokker should be another company and i dont tink that would happen as a company would start from point 0 to have the best options and not deliver something costumers would say is out datet for another pay as thats what happens if external should compleat

Unknown said...

is there any images anywhere of the VC for the Fokker. this projects interests me.

Iain said...

I know DA kinda broke their promise with the Fokker VC but I really wouldn't mind paying extra for one, if that can motivate them....

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