Thursday, January 23, 2014

Carenado Phenom Getting Ready!

FSX/P3D. Clear out your hangars folks! A new jet is on the way! I can hardly contain my excitement. I own the Wilco Phenom and whereas it's a beautiful looking model, the aircraft came with many issues that were never worked out. Thus, I have dumped it to make way for the Carenado and whereas a fully operational G1000 would be nice, I almost don't care if it isn't. I guess I am just that desperate to get a new biz jet. My guess? Release within the next 2 weeks! Welcome to the jet age Carenado! It looks really good! Damn.

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Tom Riley said...

I like you can not wait for this beast.... best news today

shadow said...

well I guess we all wan´t something els then the Embraer Phenom 100 from feelthere..

But I realy whis and pray for avionic that can be updatet by navigraph or such as it realy deserve it.. other wise I must say this is another no go from Carenado. I know other would do the same as whats the point in not following the real world.. they do so much nice work and a B1900 whit fms that uses default GPS data. Come on the Phenom is build for some of the latest..

Fighting for the 99% said...

I know they have G1000's in the real world but I wish they would make more steam gauge planes. I just dont like seeing the same cockpit in the C182,TBM850 and this. A nice Lear 31 or 45 would be great glass but not the huge G1000

DAndre Newman said...

I think the Piper Malibu has the perfect mix of digital vs steam. Same with the 1900D.

kernelPANIC said...

Hey D'Andre, you guys going to do a review of the 1900D? I'd like to hear your take on things.

DAndre Newman said...

Yes we are ;)

Ben said...

I'm waiting for Carenado to put their 1900D on other reseller websites like FSS, PCAviator etc.

Todd said...

Default functionality wrapped up as a jet does nothing for me. If Carenado ever has a G1000 that is close to what Flight 1 offers in the Mustang and C182, then I will bite. Too bad the beauty stops after you start the engines and turn on the avionics.

phenomphlyer said...

I'm interested in actually 'flying' planes that fly, look and sound as realistic as possible.
Carenado/Alabeo planes are really perfect in that sense!

I'm not interested in programming an FMS or checking if the navdatabase is correct. I use FSX because I love flying (I even use the AP as little as possible)

shadow said...

well we can agree we like planes that feels like the real deal but i dont feel they do that anymore aswell. as whit the speed they throu out planes it gets hard to give the right feel of a plane the old models less graphic ones seems more real.. also the bigest note is the old planes had a note as. IFR certification. today it´s no longer noticed at any of the planes that rool´s out.. I got a old plane from them and is like flyeing the real deal as i have been flyeing the same model in realworld..

and in those older planes i say fair enough they use default GPS and all that but when you start moving on to a modern plane where you have the latest stuff, it´s a bit of a let down. consentrating on a show room.. Like i said many times before Carenado creates showroom planes as all that visual stuff is to much.. in fact the old planes was noted as fps freindly the new is hiting harder depending on model.

whats the point it a plane some users might say it´s not fun as it´s to heavy on the FPS and only fun to look at but not to fly. An i Know im not the first or the last that feel it that way..

The only thing that makes this run is people thnk it´s stunning and it is vissualy but then i can say why dont we then do a simulation center simulator where all the beauty could be shown.. It´s like airports dam if we had no limits whit oom and you name it, developers coluld just buy a model from a company and implement it as a airport. but we cant as what can be made as model for a new building is to resource required that a sim would crash that way..

Even i dont have a slow pc I feel more joy in the old coolsky MD80 even it´s that old but runs more smooth then the NGX as example.. also you dont have the loading time of textures that you got in most planes produced at the time it´s anoyeing it´s that way.. we can agree we all love close to reality but in a ballanced way..

Also a thing is the texture Resolution i dont understand why all keep goeing higher as this is a problem as the VAS would increase and a crash of the sim would happen sooner then using the default 1024.. I could give a tecnical explenation but dont want to here.. my note is just MS made a limit and there is a reason.. there is no point in pushing things to the limits.. I made so many tests that i have a lot of analyses

Unknown said...

All of Carenado's craft are Shared Cockpit supported, I respect this and I hope this is too.

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