Monday, January 6, 2014

Carenado 1900D Released!

FSX/P3D. Sorry for the late posts folks, it's been a super crazy week for me and will continue to be crazy as long as the US East Coast weather keeps up. I am behind on a lot of news and thanks for all the emails. I am catching up! Stay tuned for the B1900D ADX FirstLook and more news very shortly! It will be very interesting to see how the new B1900D Flight Management System (FMS), Carenado's first ever FMS, fares. They sure seem to have done an amazing job on this bird.

Special Features:

- Original B1900D Flight Management System (FMS).
- Carenado GNS530 with Reality XP integration option.
- EFIS (EADI and EHSI) installed.
- Avidyne Multifunction Display.
- Full FSX and P3D v2.0 compatibility.
- Cockpit vibration effects.
- Landing and Taxi halo effect lights.
- Dynamic environment gauges reflections.

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Jean-Marc. said...

Their website has had a nervous breakdown...

V. Quebec said...

Hey, can you guys re-activate RSS feeds? It's not possible to get any updates from you - one have to visit your homepage each time he/she wants to get updated... :(


Do Kim said...

It's their 1st FMS bird.. Wonder how it works.

Wojtek said...

When i use this plane on vatsim, after some time my fps drops a lot! From 30 to 17-16 :( Mayby someone have a solution?

Anders said...

The "FMS" is the default Gps in disguise.
Shame on such a nice bird

shadow said...

well that was also my fear it would just be some default sources it uses and there for i guess some costumers are stil not 100 happy.. as we hoped we finaly would get some thing that could be updated. how ever whit the time frame it was expected as building costum stoff takes time..

but still as said before we need less for the eys and more love into how it fly and operate.. as thats what some users are missing..

Todd said...

Why can't Carenado just make a basic cockpit with a GPS only? Don't waste time with an FMS and Avidyne avionics that you rarely, if ever,see in the 1900. The avionics in this bird is overkill, and not even half functional.


Ghosts said...

When will this be available on The FlightSimStore?

Unknown said...

Wojtek, your fps always drops when you connect to a network like VATSIM. It just so happens you're using a resource heavy bird now.

shadow said...

About the FPS drop i cant say for this bird but i made so many proformance test´s and yes online whit fsinn can be a cause over time. but by turning some stuff of can help...

But what i found thats often can bring the sim down over time to low fps and in the end oom, is weather programs i only se 1 or 2 programs that dosent decrease the proformance.. about the rest i have made many tweakings but never found a way to go whit out oom over time, it´s only a matter of time. for the most weather programs as they use a lot of memory to run in the background.. some would say it´s not true then i can only say if i run whit out a weather program oom is no problem as wel as low FPS. hope that was help ful to what to try

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