Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FSDG Thessaloniki X!


Sid said...

OMG! :-)))
Thank you FSDG! Thank you DAndre!

So extremely busy these days so unfortunately, or probably should say fortunately in many eyes ;-), not having much time to comment on all the fantastic news and developments you've recently been reporting on but still loving reading it all and enjoying everyone's general banter. But now, by you going a step too far and posting this trailer video, I can do nothing but take out a little time to let out a gasp and say wow!

From the moment I saw the first ever early preview teaser shots of the runway all those many months ago, I had a strong and niggling feeling that this would be a labour of love and a truly standard-setting scenery. And FSDG certainly seems to have proven us right and then some! The realism and immersive quality, the atmosphere, the whole overall high quality appearance, the feedback of good performance. Also having been to and through Thessaloniki on several occasions, this just made the hairs stand up in how it brought on so much nostalgia with how true and real it looks to the real place. Had to wait a few seconds in one or two scenes for my mind to realise and believe this is not footage of the real place but a digital recreation and a true work of genius and serious dedication. I cannot give any more superlatives and respect than that to this beautiful and magnificent piece of work Really another one of those rare moments in FS scenery development reminiscent of the release of Fly Tampa's Dubai. What another great giant leap, as Greece just keeps on getting more and more gorgeous with each successive quality release. Will it ever stop? I hope not! :-)
FSDG should feel very proud indeed of this...its really made its mark! I'm going to be busy with work and also due to be travelling around a bit until mid-March but this is one piece of work that'll be an instant purchase on my return...There's nothing to even think about and no way I want to go without such an iconic piece of work! Doing a great job indeed DAndre...Keep it up...Following albeit a little more silently these days...Many sighs of relief I hear there ;-) LOL!
All the best to you, as always buddy! Thanks,

bstikkel said...

Incredibly beautifull...

Whisper said...

ok you got 3 green cleard to Land hehe .. Released a few min ago

Unknown said...


Richard said...

Wow this looks absolutely stunning. Although not a long-haul destination for my triple 7 I will add this one for sure to my collection

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