Monday, January 13, 2014

Alabeo Cutlass RG II Update!

FSX/P3D. When Alabeo was first formed, the purpose was to create aircraft at the same level of quality you would expect from Carenado but with the type aircraft you would not typically expect from Carenado. Thus, when Alabeo first announced the Cutlass, I was a bit taken. But then I added some perspective. Currently with the 1900D now released and with the Phenom on the way, Carenado itself is not developing what we would usually expect which leaves me to ponder: could the 2 companies be in the process of switching strategies? Will we see Carenado move more into the large prop and jet market aircraft while Alabeo continues the Carenado heritage? One thing is for sure, each time I think I have these guys figured out, they do something completely different. Either way, no matter what the stradegy is, some good toys are coming our way! Here is the latest on the Alabeo Cessna Cutlass RG II!

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Andreu said...

I think you're right about this strategy change D'André!

DAndre Newman said...

Time will tell once the next aircraft project is revealed from Carenado. Either it will be another typical release or something that will blow our minds... I have a good relationship with both companies but even so, they are very secretive even behind close doors.

Nick said...

Given both Carenado and Alabeo pump out aircraft faster than pretty much every other developer, I wouldn't read too much into the last handful of projects. I also think there's some of the older aircraft in the Carenado catalogue that could do with revisiting. Also bear in mind the choice of aircraft they do will often be limited or dictated by the real world aircraft they have access to.

Sid said...

Have also suspected the same thing recently...As you say mate, if true, this is very exciting :-)

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