Friday, January 17, 2014

Aerosoft Vaclav Update!

FSX/P3D/XPL. The last time I flew into this airport, it was called Ruzyne and it is a great airport! In fact, when I flew on CSA for the first time, it was during the very first week the airline took deliveries of their brand new A320's! Ahhh that new airplane smell! We'll hopefully we will be getting that new airport smell with the FS version of Praha this year. The developer has released another update. Check it out!
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Premek said...

Many people in Czech Republic keep call it Ruzyne, what is actually a name of the quarter where the airport is located - so you would be "very local" when you call it Ruzyne ;)

Anyway Vaclav was just a first name of the former president, so it gives more sense when it is named as 'Vaclav Havel Aiport'

Premek said...

I forgot - feel free not to publish my previous post - I just didn't know how to contact you better way ;-)

DAndre Newman said...

Corrected! Thanks! And yes, I have always called it Ruzyne.

Biggles said...

Question is, how do you pronounce 'Ruzyne'?

DAndre Newman said...


Premek said...

Perfectly correct DAndre ;-)

Sid said...

Ruzyne uz vypada jeste krasny Premek! Doing Praha some real justice...Keep it up!

Sid said...

Neches udelat Praha Mesto taky potom? Would really love to see the historic city done also someday.

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