Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shadows + Oslo v2 + Prepar3D v2 = cool!

P3Dv2. It's a video! And no better to display the quality of Oslo v2 than in the community's newest simulator version: Prepar3D v2! Here, Joerlend shows us full Prepar3D v2 compatibility as well as the timelapse and shadow features. Will this be the last mega release before the end of 2013? We are watching very closely indeed!

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Marek said...

Hmmm... anyone knows what about current owners of MegaAirport Oslo?

Jean-Marc. said...

I hope they release it before the end of 2013..... The end of 2014 seems so far away...

DAndre Newman said...

HA! Me too!

Jens said...

Bad News for owner of MAP Oslo:

"It's a full new build and most likely without an update option. We have not yet set a price, but if you check our other airports you will get a good idea."

Manuel said...

Imminent release, Aerosoft write : close for release on the forum !
Finaly, Aerosoft release 1 Mega airport in 2013 ...

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