Friday, December 13, 2013

Paulo Ricardo's Mega São Paulo v2 Available Now!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Having completed Mega Rio earlier on this year, Paulo Ricardo has now released his latest project, the Mega São Paulo v2 upgrade. São Paulo is Brazil's main financial centre and the most populous city on the American continent. For this upgrade, Paulo has added many custom 3D buildings for Santos, Guarujá and Praia Grande, has reconstructed the texture mesh of Serra do Mar, increased the ground mesh south of São Paulo to Sorocaba city, and inserted Orbx FTX Global night lighting.

The three main airports around São Paulo, Congonhas (SBSP), Campus Martius (SBMT) and Guarulhos Cumbica (SBGR) have also received Paulo's attention, as has the Santos Airbase (SBST) in Guaruja.

According to information made available to us, the scenery features:

- High resolution ground textures
- Photoreal scenery for day and night
- Huge scenery area of Mega São Paulo with a 7 cm resolution
- More than 30.000 optimized buildings
- Helipads for the cities of: Santos
                                           São Vicente
                                           Praia Grande
- Optimized and excellent frame rates
- The following airports: SBGR, SBSP, SBMT and SBST
- The city of Ribeirão Preto with a photoreal SBRP airport

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Unknown said...

look nice.. very though area to make into a scenery.

Andreas said...

WOW! New York could be a suburb to that place, ridiculous amount of buildings.

Luiz Henrique Machado said...

Andreas, as a brazilian simmer, i assure the quality of Paulo Ricardo´s sceneries, it´s awesome.... of course, i´m already taken the Mega S. Paulo original and Mega Rio.... 2014, world cup, and flight!!! lol

ALX WNT said...

So is this an update or complete new stuff, will existing V1 owners get this version ?

Andreas said...

@Luiz: It looks fantastic but I think my PC would explode if I tried to fly over all those buildings and 0,5 fps. lol! Very nice scenery though, congratulations :)

Luiz Henrique Machado said...

not, its not heavy, the technic that he uses to draw this buildings are so refine, sure @ 1th look seems like heavy scenery, but, believe, it´s not

Daniel Santoro said...

Andreas, I don't know your PC specs but the scenery is incredibly easy on fps! I own Mega São Paulo V1 and if performs great, no worries about it.

Neil said...

I am definitely going to get this one. Congonhas is a great airport, surrounded by Sao Paulo, and now for the first time, it can be accurately simulated. Google Congonhas approach and watch some real approaches. Now we can fly Congonhas to Santos Dumont, a great city pairing, perfect for the NGX aficianados.

Sid said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Another most impressive World city scenery. Bring it on!!!!

Hey Jerome, or anyone who knows, I have literally just gone and bought Paulo Ricardo's PAULO RICARDO FSX - MEGA ROUTE RIO SAO PAULO AND NATAL CITY PACK 5 which I've wanted for so long. Can you confirm that this is a different standalone addon with different coverage and that I have not just gone and shot myself in the foot with a legacy product?

My current understanding is the pack I just bought a couple of days ago is also recently-released this year and this is a new pack with different coverage around Sao Paulo which will simply compliment it without overlap. Is that correct? Meaning I could also buy this one soon and I haven't wasted any cash in my recent purchase a couple of days ago? Thanks for any info, in advance guys!

Sid said...

By the way...Wow!!!

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