Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Orbx FTX Global VECTOR Asia Preview Video!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Orbx CEO, John Venema, has just confirmed that FTX Global VECTOR is now in the final stages of beta testing. John has also announced that Orbx will be showing a series of preview videos over the coming week featuring North and South America, Oceania, as well as Africa.  In this first video featuring Prepar3D v2, we see the transition between default, FTX Global Base and FTX Global VECTOR in various parts of Asia including Bali, Japan, India, Hong Kong and Thailand.

As you'll be able to see in the video, and I recommend you watch it in Full HD at 1920x1080, the vector data layers make a very noticeable difference in the way coastlines, roads, and urban areas in general are rendered.

We'll keep you updated in the week ahead as Orbx provide new previews building up to the release of FTX Global VECTOR.

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Unknown said...

looks great, i hope the release holds off till new years, it gives me a chance to recover from christmas lol, but i am really looking forward to it.

Michel Lévesque said...

I would like to see all these videos with FS Global Ultimate activated ! I Have poor result in Prepar3Dv2 with all the FS Global mesh and FTX Global base. In FSX the proplem was solved with AFM Tools (referred to LSGS Sion and Switzerland Pro).

Todd said...

Have you tried the new FS Global mesh for FTX? There is a new download with P3Dv2 installer on the Pilots website.

Sid said...

Oh my! What perfect destinations! I can't wait till Open LC customises these countries with their own textures and landclass. They really seem to have got Vector off to a great start...and it'll even improve on this over time as a 'Live' product. Can't ask for more than that :-) Thanks so much for the news on this guys!!! I'm heading straight over there now...don't think it'll be long now and looking forward to Africa and South America vids too! I have no doubt Europe and N. America will get nailed

Cheers very much,

Sid said...

Yes Brett...I think Christmas is going to end up killing me too...Lol...But so be it. No one add-on can change the sim world in one hit as this one right now...Can't wait to let it drop onto the FTX Global base :-)

Michel Lévesque said...

I try the new installer, but I have the DVD set, not the new download at FlightSimStore.

Michel Lévesque said...

I forget to mention that Sion and Switzerland Pro are redirected from FSX to P3D in the scenery manager.

Unknown said...

Very tastefully done. Some of those islands really sprouted vertically from the default though. This doesn't include mesh does it?

John Venema, Orbx CEO said...

Sorry we forgot to mention that the video producer was using FSGlobal2010 mesh in the video, I have edited the YouTube description and FTX forum topic to disclose this. Apologies if this caused some confusion. We assume most customers would have some sort of mesh product in use anyway. For future videos we will close with a title slide showing all addons being used: P3D2, FTXG, FTXG VECTOR and FSGlobal2010 Mesh.

Michel Lévesque said...

That great Mr Venema. I am happy to see this. IS FTX Global vector will work with the DVD set and the new installer and do the correction at the airport elevation?

Michel Lévesque said...

I forget that I used GS Global 2012 AND Ultimate version. When deactivating the Ultimate version, everything goes well.

And sorry for my bad english Sir.

Snyboon said...

As a marketeer I have to applaud Mr. Venema for this video. What a great way to showcase this wonderful product. Bravo!

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