Saturday, December 14, 2013

LH Simulations' LHBP Prepar3D v2 Installer Update!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. We have some news from our friends at LH Simulations in Hungary. They encountered some minor issues while testing the Prepar3D v2 installer and this has delayed things slightly. As you can all surely appreciate, they don't want to release something that will need patching straight away, even if that means not being able to deliver the new installer quite as quickly as they would have liked to.

Bandwidth Warning! 36 High-Res Prepar3D v2 Screenshots!

Of course we've been trying to do our share in assisting the LHBP team with feedback for their Prepar3D v2 installer, and I leave you with some screenshots of a late morning departure out of Budapest for Austria. When you combine this magnificent scenery with an aircraft like Majestic Software's superb Q400, along with some wintery weather delivered by OpusFSX, you really get some astonishly realistic visuals.

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George Durner said...

Sigh, your screenshots are so beautiful .painfully beautiful considering that I have only grief trying to make P3D fly worthy.

I envy you.

Unknown said...

Looks great! Could you post a night shot with all the lightning and shadows on? Thanks!

ALX WNT said...

That's the power of GTX Titan

Flying Squirrel said...

When I see those gorgeous cloud layers and fog, I get the impression that REX textures are obsolete in P3Dv2.

DAndre Newman said...

You are likely correct. This is why they are developing an all new experience for P3D V2

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Richárd,

Done, I added a whole bunch of night shots ;-)

Best regards,


Unknown said...

Thank you very much! My home airport looks better than the real one in P3D :) You've got some talent making screenshots! I've already set 2 of them as wallpaper!
Keep up the good work mate!

Unknown said...

Correct. That would be REX4 Direct. The new textures look stunning and very much of this world.

Sid said...

Yep...They certainly do Thad :-)

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