Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Active Sky Next Is Finally Ready....?

FSX/P3Dv2. Well the video that HiFi Technologies just posted does mention that Active Sky Next is finally ready after 3 long years, but looking at their forums it seems the release isn't imminent just quite yet, let's just say it's close. Apparently the FSX release is up first, with the Prepar3D v2 release to follow soon after. While their website mentions things like Smooth Cloud Theme Transitions, it doesn't look like any new cloud textures will be included.

I'm guessing that with Prepar3D v2's introduction of volumetric clouds and fog, the actual cloud textures are processed very differently when compared to FSX, plus I get the impression that Active Sky Next focuses very strongly on the fidelity of its new weather engine.

I personally hope that Active Sky Next will greatly enhance thunderstorms, as these have always looked pretty unconvincing to me in FSX and Prepar3D. I haven't yet spent much time flying in bad weather using Prepar3D v2 with OpusFSX, it really would be amazing to be able to experience thunderstorms and severe turbulence with much more realism. The above video and new screenshots below are all we have for now as far as new information on Active Sky Next is concerned. We'll be sure to keep you updated as Active Sky Next edges closer to release.

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Balan22 said...

Have I missed something or just my memory doesn't serve me well? Because P3D v2 doesn't have any new weather engine. BTW I'm getting excited as ASN approaches the date of release...

Jerome Zimmermann said...

What would make you think that Prepar3D v2 has a new weather engine built-in?

Anonymous said...

the 1st picture with the runway lights.
what addon and/or setting the runway lights are configured?
I like those star lights..

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