Friday, November 8, 2013

TropicalSim Curacao 2013 released!

FSX/P3D. So sorry I have been behind on news for you all. The new AirDailyX website is progressing well and obviously, it's taking most of my time to meet the deadline. Thanks to Captain Hoffen, Rick, Ian, and to the readers that continuously email me about news releases. You guys are amazing and great for stepping in and assisting me in keeping the shop running. Even with the slow sluggy news lately, and us being slow getting the news posted, ADX still gets over 10,000 visits a day. I'm, sure you all will be impressed with the work on the new site. One release on my birthday was Catalina by Sim720, but I totally missed Curacao 2013 by my friends at TropicalSim. Be sure to head over to Simmarket and pick up a copy and i'll try my best to get a FirstLook in for you lot. Still a lot in the pipeline! Thanks to all for sticking with us during this busy transition!

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Fabian Baumgartner said...

Looking forward to seeing the AirDailyX FirstLook on this :-)

Someone posted news about this and the Denmark landclass and vector data in the comments section last week already and you blasted them with an unfriendly reply that it wasn't news:

Now a week later you've decided it is news, go figure.

DAndre Newman said...

Go back and read my reply again.

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