Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Razbam Metroliner has even more tricks up its sleeve!

FSX. Interestingly enough, the fact that today we saw the first preview of the cargo model or 'Expediter' it was slightly overshadowed by the way Razbam broke the news of their latest bit of eye candy- prop tip vortices. I have a feeling that pictures aren't doing this justice as seeing them in full dynamic motion is probably much better but it still looks pretty cool. I am glad they didn't over do the transparency or lack there of but I do hope that it is somewhat environmentally triggered like the now standard wing tip vortices we see.

The cargo version took me by surprise I must admit.  I remember when this bird was being worked on by Iris and the entire Metro/Merlin line was in the works.  Since then I've not personally seen what the intended model line up is going to be from Razbam but at least we now know that the freight runners among us will not be left out.  This is especially pertinent because of all the Metroliners I've come across (and it's been quite a few in my line of work), they have all been freight conversions.


Unknown said...

The vortices are triggered by atmospheric conditions like dew point and temperature, so yes they will only show up in certain situations. As far as I know the entire Merlin/Metro family isn't exactly planned right now but the option is there to have them finished and released as another package later on. If that happens it won't be until after the other turboprops currently on the waiting list (the E120 is looking very good at the moment!).

One interesting fact about the Expediter...Bearskin operates two Metros that were originally manufactured as the cargo Expediter version and then were later converted into a pax version....instead of the other way around. Because of this those two Metros have an extra emergency exit across from the pax door (three on the right and one on the left). That's the only time i've ever seen a cargo aircraft converted for passenger use.

Ian G said...

I suspected atmospheric conditions applied to the vortices. Thanks for that and the other information! And I agree, the EMB 120 is going to be a hit.

Hank (RAZBAM textures) said...

This package will get both variants regarding the emergency exits, All freighter models however will get the three exits on the rightside.

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