Sunday, November 17, 2013

Prepar3D V2 Beta: Volumetric fog video!

P3D. I guess it's clear by now, I am throwing all my eggs behind P3D 2.0. With a company as large as Lockheed Martin behind it, I am quite confident this company will see their investments in this platform pay off in the long term which means, P3D will likely be the only platform with active ongoing support aside from X-Plane. This time around, we get a look at another of the amazing features P3D is packing and that's volumetric fog! See those sun rays shine through. No more stuttering clouds folks! P3D 2.0 is going to be freaking awesome! My biggest concern is how fast will REX get their product into it. Or will the current version work?? REX guys? Any comment?

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Jon R said...

REX works!

DAndre Newman said...

So it does? Ahh! Great! I can't live without REX! Thanks Jon.

Erik said...

Are the clouds also 3D?

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