Friday, November 15, 2013

Orbx AU SP4.003 DX10 is close!

FSX. The guys at Orbx are cracking away at FTX AU SP4.003 which includes the lighting system while taking full advantage of using Steve's FX DX10 Fixer Utility with DX10. This is only for the FSX folks out there. For us P3D fans, we will need to continue to wait patiently for our P3D 2.0 which is expected to come with full DX11 compatibility. I'll say this though, based on all the previews so far, it's all looking darn good. Check it out!

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Rustam Alhas said...

Are there any other changes in SP4 except the lights? I don't have night flight rating anyway...

Green1X said...

I'm getting more FPS with this new SP!

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