Friday, November 8, 2013

More of Oslo taking shape!

FSX/P3D. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this one. Oslo is looking splendid indeed. As talented as this developer is and as much as I would like to see move on to developing more airports in the future, a small part of me says, go back and remake Trondheim Vaernes next. The updates work really shows the improvement in talent since the first version a couple years back. Great work.

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Sea Urchin said...

His plan is to do the same renovation for Værnes, as well as an update of Stavanger :D

Sid said...

Fantastic news! Can't overstate how much I'm looking forward to this...just looks better and better each time we see the latest preview shots! Highly anticipating this one! Cheers DAndre! Hope Sea Urchin's right...Vaernes updated and 'renovated' would be just grand, would it not?!

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