Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Metroliner progress!

FSX. Razbam continues to make good headway with their Metroliner.  Work seems to be progressing on several fronts with the texture work continuing nicely and, perhaps more notably, more of the avionics being revealed in recent days. I must say the bump mapping looks phenomenal on this bird!

Meanwhile in the cockpit...

Things are starting to become a bit more clear as far as what kind of avionics kit we can expect from the Razbam Metro come final release.  The beta release contained only a very early version of the EHSI and was devoid of an autopilot or GPS of any sort.  The latest VC screenshots show progress not just on the EHSI but the new Bendix/King autopilot and what looks to be a very interesting implementation of a Trimble style GPS!  The 3D model for the GPS has been in place for some time now but the unit has finally come to life.  Next up should be that weather radar.


Pirx said...

This developer is making a great job on this bird. We are viewing it growing and improving. The plane indeed is very well chosen; I had no idea about this real plane but it is a great mix of beauty and ugliness. I will surely buy it.

Aeromaestro said...

I'm most interested in the sound package. The high idle and low idle sounds, the start up spool and shut down sound accuracy. If it hits the spot, out comes the credit card!

Ian G said...

I've not heard anything new on the sounds and none are included in the beta. Seems to me that I read somewhere a while back that the gentleman working on the sounds unfortunately passed away and Razbam has had to find a new solution.

One thing that hasn't been very publicized is Bernt Stolle's involvement in the project. He's done the FDE and so far in just the beta it is a sweet flying plane. Very nice indeed as could be expected from Bernt.

Unknown said...

The Trimble GPSS model looks very similar to the one on the DA Piper Cheyenne.

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