Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lionheart Lear24b update!

FSX/P3D. As many of you know, I first broke this news back on Sep 3rd. Lionheart, like Carenado is into the jet age! As Lionheart's second jet, this time, Bill has decided to take things back. Way back to the classics! I remember when I first fell in love with the Learjet. It was from my second favorite film of the 80's called Dragnet which was a parody of the classic television series starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. I highly respect Bill and his work and i'm really looking forward to taking this baby up! Bill is also releasing a new build or the Avelina!

For those of you that are into ultra modern aviation and the prospects of electric powered General Aviation aircraft, I would like to announce the second generation version of our futuristic Avelina composite electric aircraft.

This beautiful thing boasts a ton of features, from a newly revamped and more realistic soundpack for an electric aircraft with a composite whisper prop, to a wild LED ins...trument panel with an automotive like, stylish appearance, to the flight computer interface screen. The model features flexing wings, changeable pilots, automatics that handle landing gear deployment, tons of creature comforts like adjustable steering wheel yoke that can also hide completely, opening consoles, tons of amazing sound effects and beeps and chimes, a wild version of a futuristic auto pilot system, and even click/change LED panel 'themes'.

There is also a hybrid small turbine APU that you can run which will increase the range of your flight, or can charge the batteries when on the ground if you are away from a charging port. There is even a deployable tail mounted wind generator (for descents and approaches). A manual comes with this wild creature to show you have everything works.

The new Build 2.0 features several new, modernistic paint schemes with a more futuristic look.

If you want something totally new to fly, love a sleek composite aircraft shape such as the Cirrus SR, then you need this! When you hear the sound of the Negev motors wind up, when you go to zero throttle and the prop spools down to a stop (its electric, remember?) then you will love this thing.

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Can't wait to get that Lear into my hangar.

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