Wednesday, November 13, 2013


FSX. MSK Productions released Isafjordur X, a rendition Ísafjörður Airport (IATA: IFJ, ICAO: BIIS) with complete photoreal ground coverage for the airport and surroundings. While the airport itself features custom buildings, volumetric grass and voumetric shadows on all airport buildings, the entire area features dense autogen including the near by town, dynamic elements like birds as well seasonal changes. Isafjordur has a difficult approach over a near by mountains when landing east on the single 08/26 1400x30m runway. All in all, it looks like a great addition to Iceland which is really a fantastic place to fly in FSX.

No word yet about compatibility with the ORBX Iceland demo, however, with correct scenery library ordering one would hope there wouldn't be any problems.  It is stated that Isafjordur X is not DX10 compatible so be aware of that before purchasing!


Sean McFadden said...

Yeah and it's marked on Simmarket as DX9 only.

DX9 only = fail

DAndre Newman said...

Do you really need DX10 for a scenery this small?

Ian G said...

Not sure why the last two images aren't being displayed. Working on that.

Airspeed said...

Got the airport and there is the instructions how make it compatible with ORBX Iceland Demo. Took a quick look and scenery looks great.
Could care less about not being DX10 compatible.

Erik Calmfors said...

I cant see any of the images a part from the one at the top

Toby said...

I'm going to hold of for sim720s which shouldn't be too long. This looks nice, but at least theirs will be a 100% with ORBX.

Airspeed said...

After a few flight tests, The scenery runs great and no issues. I guess that make it 100% compatible. Plus for you who are a fan of the Whirly birds, there is yacht anchored in the harbour with a small pad on it, looks to me a challenge for the R66.

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