Monday, October 21, 2013

Wow that looks real!

FSX/P3D. The McPhat guys are among the very best in the business in my opinion when it comes texturing work. I remember then this team got started all those years ago in FS9. Some of the most realistic repaints ever made. All aircraft in FS were so new looking. But to make them dirty... to make them actually look like workhorses, now that was unheard of. The team has taken to doing interior work these days and besides the Fokker50 in development, so is the A330. That looks real!

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Pe11e said...

Of course that looks real bacause it's render. :)
But textures are most important thing, so this will look superb in FSX, it should.

DMac10121 said...

Imagine if Aerosoft and McPhat worked together (or if they already are). McPhat is amazing for texturing, while they often use external developers as they did for the DC-9. Now THAT would be an amazing product.

Unknown said...

Maybe FSLABs should consider contacting mcphat if you want a serious shot at competing with evil PMDG

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