Sunday, October 6, 2013

WC Narita update!

FSX/P3D. WingCreation has released an update that addresses the performance and OOM issues while approaching the airport. If you have not caught it already, be sure to catch the ADX FirstLook on Narita under the MiniReviews tab above. This is a team that is putting serious effort in their work and it's a company I am watching closely as they continue to develop Japanese airports.

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Unknown said...

Their website says, and I quote "we were worried deeply about the problem of OOM error and long texture reading time"...

Well I'm worried that they have not changed their price and a lot of us won't be buying their scenery because of this.

So Wing Creation, how about you lower your price from EUR 41.65 to EUR 30 and you will get a lot more sales!

Lee Marrow said...


ALX WNT said...

I agree with Matthias, while i like and need some destination in Asia, 42EUR is simply overprice considering the quality and technical issues with the product. I dont remember i paid 42EUR to any FlyTampa or Aerosoft scenery before.

Best Regards.

George LGAV said...

And how much do they charge for the update?

This price is like deliberate pickpocketing!

DAndre Newman said...

You say that as if you have no choice to purchase the scenery. If it's too much for you don't purchase it.

FS.Nerd said...

its not a update, its only low-res textures!! it looks like FS9 after replace.

George LGAV said...

Of course I won't!

I don't find my money hanging on the trees nor I was born a millionaire!

I respect what you do here, but your review on this product did not emphasise enough on the price/quality ratio. It's not a matter of who can afford and who cannot, it's a matter of consistency within the market and this price is by far not worth it.

I'm not trying to somehow persuade people not to buy it as each one knows about his pocket, but rather try to make the devs understand that they made a big foul with this price, especially now that the T7 is out, making Japan a great destination for Europeans and Americans, which account for the vast majority of the FSX community and would like to virtually connent their homes with a -till now- not well covered destination.

Maybe the expression is too strong (English is not my mother tongue), but I honestly would feel this way if I paid this money and got the product that you showed us (and this is why I have true respect for your effort).

Thank you and sorry if I somehow offended anyone.

Unknown said...

Sure we have a choice, but there is so much choice, and so many deals and offers, such as the 50% off Legacy deal from RealAir, that I will certainly not be spending my money on +EUR 40 scenery!

Unknown said...

You got a point DAndre but lets be honest ... 42 euro is not fair looking at the quality provided. They are striking themselves out by asking that amount. None of the big developers like ORBX or Aerosoft, FlyTampa, Flightbeam ask these prices for scenery.
Even PMDG went over the top by charging 90 dollars for their plane eventhough it's the best T7 to date.

mleuck said...

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Still not ready to buy at that price!

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