Thursday, October 31, 2013

VirtualCol Ejets released!

FS9/FSX. Say what you will will about the quality. VirtualCol does indeed have a good market share in our hobby how ever niche as it may be. But the best thing about all of their products is the price! For less than $11 USD you can take one of these babies home!
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Unknown said...

Well done, no Alitalia livery for the 175 (Alitalia is one of the biggest 175 operators, with 15 airplanes) and the Alitalia Express livery for the 170, with Alitalia Express not existing any more and all the 170s phased out...

Batman said...

Fun little plane for $11. Lots of liveries. Flight model is not bad either. Flight deck looks ok, and sounds are OK. Its not perfect but its good on frames and looks good. Good plane for a quick flight.

CngDelta757 said...

I like it, after buying it it's a simple fun plane to fly, wilco is just bad and this is cheap and simple, cant wait for 190/195

CngDelta757 said...

I find it a good deal if you spare $11, nice little jungle jet and fun to fly!

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