Saturday, October 5, 2013

TRUE Landscape. Anyone using this?

FSX. I suppose this is a part of FranceVFR? I have not heard of this company before but the product looks really good! Do any of you have it? The price looks very reasonable for the quality. I know I am usually the one to provide in formation and feedback on products but this time, it's me looking for the feedback from you all and please forgive my apparent ignorance...  Have a look!

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Sid said...

Hi DAndre!
I do know of it for some time but don't use it so far simply because I don't know enough about it. I heard that, for France, the landclass and 'points of interest' are supposed to be the best out there, and I'm often tempted to explore it further but then get lazy, or rather, don't have quite enough time to figure out the finer details...compatibility with other products, best products for my particular uses, whether it has sufficient added value to go further and buy it etc.

I tell you what, if you don't hear back too much or indeed, as is more likely, once you've had some feedback from those who actually know it better or actually use it, it would be absolutely great and invaluable if you could take a look at it and give us your own honest perspective, which has been so useful and on the ball lately. Hope you hear more from others soon.

Unknown said...

Hi there,

I would also like to know more about it.



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