Thursday, October 10, 2013

Razbam Metroliner beta 1 released!

FSX. The Razbam Metroliner is now ready for download! The developer wants to reminder end users that the this is a beta version and is not the finished product by far. There is stuff that is missing and the most advanced gauges are not implemented. The FDE is practically finalized and many systems are modeled. If you prepurchased the product, head over and get it! For the rest of you, check out the video.
Note: If you are interested in getting the beta version do so now. The beta program will close on Monday and the aircraft won't be up for sale until the final version is out.

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Unknown said...

How where I download this?

Unknown said...

Where can I download the Beta?

DAndre Newman said...

Its a $40 purchase via their webshop.

Unknown said...

So finally we get to see a video, hooray, but instead of letting us hear the actual cockpit and engine sounds, all that we get to hear is classical music? :FacePalm:

Of all the add-on airports available in FSX, they chose what has to be one of the fugliest default airports I have ever seen in FSX!

I'm sorry Razbam, I mean the incorrect ATC procedure shown or the Skype popup aren't really that bad, but that music and lack of original sounds along with the airport scenery you chose is beyond lame.

Unknown said...

Theres no "sounds" because the man developing them passed away so they're not ready. As for the airport, who cares? It's a plane in early beta and it's not an official promo. You're supposed to be watching the PLANE. Read up on their Facebook page..

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