Thursday, October 17, 2013

Razbam Metro update...

FSX/P3D. The guys at Razbam might be good at developing aircraft, but their preview shots have left something to be desired when it comes to showcasing the Metroliner. Today, we get a look at some shots from one of the pre-purchase beta testers and almost immediately the difference is clear. For the first time, we get a look at how the quality actually looks. Just a quick word of credit to adambar for these screenshots. I have also added the latest shots from Razbam. Between this and the 1900D, 2 great turboprops left this year.

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Sid said...

Wow!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Still a night and day difference in outside textures if you compare it with the Carenado 1900D livery test screenshots. Why is it so difficult for Razbam to get away from the dull matte texture look?

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