Friday, October 18, 2013

Mega Airport Oslo: Stylish!

FSX/P3D. The previews for the upcoming new build for Oslo are nothing short of impressive. Nice glass and wood work on the terminals, sharp texture baking on the objects, crisp and realistic concrete runway and taxiways, and good clean photo ground work. This is sure to be an instant hit once released. SimWings had Scandinavia thoroughly covered back in the early days of FS9, but not anymore these days so it's great to see other developers step up and pick up the slack for this region. And it's all being done so stylishly!

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alehead said...

I avoid approaching the current ENGM, as it can be quite a hit in terms of perofrmance unless I turn everything off. I am glad that it seems the new version is going to be better in the performance department without having to forego on so much of what makes a good package great... this is one upgrade I am definitely interested in getting.

Unknown said...

What Scandinavian airport for FS9 did Sim-wings ever make? I must have missed something...

Aaron Graham said...

Scandinavian Airports 1 and 2.


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