Friday, October 18, 2013

LHSimulations announces Rijeka!

FS9/FSX. There are only so many airports in Hungary and LHSim has covered them all leaving no choice but to look onward. The next destination is Rijeka Airport on Krk Island in Croatia. This country had lots of love in FS9 but has been left mostly abandoned in FSX. LHSimulations delivers a level of quality equal to FlyTampa and FlightBeam with performance just as good. But performance won't be an issue here. The team has returned to their roots to developing a much smaller airport. No matter what this team chooses to develop, it's sure to be good!

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Unknown said...

Another developer announcing new scenery without fixing already released scenery.

I would like to encourage LH Simulations to fix their LHBP scenery and make it compatible with Steve's DX10 fixer. At the moment the night textures are a total mess.

Aaron Graham said...

He should not have to make it compatible with Steve's Dx 10 fixer. That is not default FSX. It is an add-on which you chose to install so the developer can chose whether or not to support that modification tool.

Fabo said...

DX10 was never officially fully supported in FSX. This tends to create some problems with scenery.

Rest assured though, that DX10 compatibility is being worked on.

Unknown said...

Let the DX 10 being worked on and developed, and it will take a long time before developers will use simmers will use it...good luck LHSimulations on another masterpiece ;-) Sugiii

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