Monday, October 21, 2013

LHBP for FS9 first shots!

FS9. Yeah that's right folks. I still use FS9 and I am damn proud to say so. Is that gasps I hear? The bottom line is, I hate FSX. I always have. And I love P3D! But the sad thing is, in it's current state, P3D is not a fully suitable replacement for FS9. As a result, I continue to use the best of both worlds and I have been fairly pleased. But I am hopeful that P3D V2, will be the official platform that will push me over the threshold for good. But till then, if that day comes, I am taking all the FS9 addons I can get and LHBP from LHSim is at the top of my list. Here ya go fellow FS9ners!
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