Saturday, October 5, 2013

Freeware Doha released!

FSX. Christophe Bouville has released a fantastic freeware project for Doha. I am hoping for a quality payware developer to have a go at the airport. But till then, Christophe's rendition will do just fine. Ground surrounding is photoreal captured with FS Earth Tiles. It includes the main terminal, concourses A, B, C, tower, and hangars. Now available on Avsim!

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Unknown said...

Looks awesome. Well done Christophe Bouville and thanks ADX.

sevycool said...

I think Doha is not far from Dubai.

Unknown said...

Really cool stuff!!

Anonymous said...

No texturing, its reallylike a default airport....

Unknown said...

Wow Kaman!! I really look forward to your rendition. Luckily it's FREEWARE. Be sure to contact the guys at ADX when you have finished so we can all be the judge of what will be your quality work. We all can't wait. Thanks Kaman.

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