Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Airline2Sim goes live!

[FS Utilities] If you still don't know what Airline2Sim is, listen up! Their first product is just weeks away and it's something all serious flight simulation fans will want to get into. Just imagine a real world pilot personally taking you through a type rating program for your favorite aircraft! Real world airline pilots are lined up to train you! First on deck will be the Majestic Q400 type rating program. Check out the official Airline2Sim site now live for more information!

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Unknown said...

Will they have a forum where people could address questions to the real airline pilot instructor ?

Unknown said...

Josh we have to work around the flying schedules of our real pilot team but we could certainly set up a 'things you've always wanted to know from a real pilot' section on the website, no problem. Cheers, Ben.

Unknown said...
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IFR7700 said...

Congratulations on the roll-out, guys. I've been looking forward to this since your first announcement.

George LGAV said...

And what's the cost for this guys?

Unknown said...

George - around US$25 for the first 10 hours of tuition, plus there'll be a discount for existing users of the Q400. This is still TBC.

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